Monday, June 15, 2015

Assignment that I am most proud of

I am most proud of my magazine cover. I am proud of this because I took some time on it just with placing text and changing color. This was an open project so we could do any magazine that we wanted, so I had to do two for both of my dogs.  I found that very fun and interesting. One thing I loved, while doing this project was going over ideas with a group before starting a magazine cover. I think that it is great to go over your ideas with a group before starting any project, so you can get other peoples ideas. Since the beginning of this semester I have waited to do a magazine cover. I saw an example on the graphic design home page and have waited and hoped we would do one. It was interesting working with the text,colors, and placement. I never realized how much text and color mattered in magazines or in graphic design as a whole. I have always thought that it was the design that really mattered and it had nothing to do with color or text. That was until this class. This has impacted my learning, because I now know almost everything you need to know for making a successful magazine. It has given me a wider and clearer view of what graphic design is and if it might be useful in the future.

Most memorable experiences

Two of the most memorable experiences I have had in this class would be working with the Betty Blakeman project and working with VIA. I loved going to VIA and experiencing the lives of everyday graphic designers. Although I probably won't be going into graphic design in the future, it was very exciting to see what types of graphic designers were their and what they can make. It was very interesting hearing from some of the people their about our commercials and their comments towards our videos. I think that this has impacted my learning because, now I have a better idea of what graphic designers want for people that want a job in that field. It also gave me some inspiration for future work I did in the class.       
          The second most memorable experience I have had this semester was working on the Betty Blakeman t-shirt project. I loved working on this because, we got to work with a client and hear her feedback on our work and whether it worked for her design. It was very interesting to see what designs she liked and ones she didn't. I think it gave us a better idea of what she was looking for throughout all of our work and how we could improve. This has impacted my learning because, it gave me a better insight on working with clients, and dealing with their likes and dislikes. Even if we the designers didn't enjoy the work, at the end the client is happy and you get to be rewarded.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


One of the things that I found important while doing screen-printing, was knowing how positive and negative work together. I think that this is important because in order to print out a design you want you have to know what is displayed and what is cut out. The second thing I learned while screen-printing is placing of the design on the shirt. I also think this is important because if you have a small design in the middle of your shirt its not going to look good at all, but if you put it on the top left or right of your shirt, it’s going to look more professionally done. And the last thing I learned while screen-printing was being careful around the ink. It was very crucial that you didn’t get extra ink on the shirt or it was ruined.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Magizine Cover


Three important concepts I learned while designing my magazine cover was matching and complementing text color, using bold and italics for background, and having dark on light on dark text placement. I think that these are all important because in order to have an magazine to stand out you have to make sure that your text and color go well together, to grab the audience's attention. If it's dull and boring people will walk right by it. I think that text is everything when you work on a magazine. I think that this may be important in my future work, because learning how to use text and color  correctly is essential if you go into business for graphic design or even if you need to make a presentation for any other job.

 When I looked through the "This is how you rock a magazine cover", I found it very interesting the different ways that you can create a magazine cover. I loved the idea of having both photography and drawings connected to make one cover. I haven't really seen many magazines created that way and I think it is very fun and interactive. I think that the most important concepts you need to remember are text placement, matching text color, placing emphasis with backgrounds and most importantly having consistency. I think that these concepts are important to design a magazine because all these concepts is what draws attention to the reader's eye and makes them want to read more. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

BBM T-Shirt

Some of the challenges that I faced while working on this project was including all the needed colors that was required in the design. What I did to deal with these challenges was go through many different ideas and played around with the four colors multiple times. Another way that I dealt with these problems was getting feedback from others, especially the teacher.
           Some of the successes that I made while working on each part of the process was the placing of words. What I mean by that is, some of the designs that I did, did not have to be perfect and center. If it was off a little it made it seem more interesting. Or if I moved the words in a certain place. 
       I was very happy at the end with my results. I think that I improved after I got feedback from my first draft. I feel like getting feedback from a client that you are working for improves your senses on the project and makes you look at the design in a very different way. Another reason why I am happy with my results was because this was the first time that we actually did work for a client and it felt very professional and I would love to do it again.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

BBM T-Shirt, Midpoint reflection

I need to focus on placing my logos on the back side of my shirt and making sure that it doesn't look too "busy". My challenges at this point is making sure that my colors go well together on both the back and the front of the shirt. From here I will start looking at different places to put my logos and playing around with the colors so they look good.

Monday, March 30, 2015

World Hunger

World Hunger

Worldwide over the past two decades, the number of people have dropped a great amount. About 842 million people are still continuing to struggle with hunger every day. According to the United States, one person every four seconds dies. They can't afford food for their loved ones let alone themselves. This makes it harder for them to work. The world produces enough food to feed 7 billion people, but many either don't have land to grow their own food, or they don't have enough money. Almost 1 in every 15 children in different countries die from world hunger. Hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to health worldwide, bigger than aids and malaria combined. Studies have shown that countries lose millions in economic output as the result of child malnutrition. Solving hunger is also a donation for peace and stability. The highest percentage of hungry people is in east, central, and southern Africa. Three-quarters of undernourished live in low-income rural areas.

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